Seizing the Days

June 24, 2023


We pray you are all well, by the grace of Allah.

We are in the first ten days of Dhul Hijja. Good deeds (‘amal) during these ten days are better than ‘amal on any other days of the year. 

If we let them pass by like any regular day because we don’t know their value, we are being negligent. If we know and we still act in a regular manner, then we are truly unintelligent. 

During these special days He offers to me, we must give himma (resolve) to our nafs (self) to seize the opportunity and seek from Allah ﷻ more of His forgiveness, His Divine spiritual gifts and nearness to Him. I seek rectification of my problems by orienting myself completely to Him. Let me orient my mind and heart to Him. If my focus and desire are all directed towards Him, then He will suffice me in all my other concerns. 

May Allah ﷻ grant us the himma to not miss the special openings and rewards during these ten days and orient our hearts to Him always. Amin. 

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