The Spirit of Fasting

April 23, 2022

Beyond the external requirements of fasting, we must not forget the internal dimension of fasting in the month of Ramadan. Along with our stomachs, our hearts, our limbs and our drives must also fast. Let us not tarnish our external fasting with improper internal conditions. Nor should we, as we internally prepare ourselves to be polished and cleansed, allow that to be tarnished by external stains and improprieties. Let us not be of those who, instead of honoring this month and being honored by it, do the opposite.

We must not improperly use our tongues, feelings, and limbs while fasting. We don’t become animals - animals can’t control themselves because they are created to instinctively do what they do. But we are not only animal instincts. We are human beings endowed with a spirit and intelligence, and therefore, we are required to control our emotions and actions. We must not allow ourselves to be like predators, devils, or cattle. We must, by the Will of Allah ﷻ, strive and implore Him to help us.

May Allah ﷻ help us fast with the meaning of fasting and attain the fruits of such a fast.

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