The Solace in Ramadan

April 7, 2023

Ramadan is the month of solace (muwasa) and loving-mercy (rahma), the month during which Allah ﷻ opens the gate of Jannah to us so it is easier to do good. That same rahma from Him closes the gates of Hell in Ramadan so it is difficult to do evil. One has to be truly devilish (shaytani) to continue to be evil in Ramadan.  

Part of being grateful to Allah ﷻ for His gifts — of solace, loving-mercy, and facilitation to do good — is to be in constant dhikr of Him.  Let me recite Qur’an, be in plentiful salah, and send generous salawat upon Rasulullah ﷺ. Let me also, importantly, reflect on the values and akhlaq of the Quran, and project them in my life and relationships with others. The change in my akhlaq is the essence of fasting. 

May Allah ﷻ continue His special blessing on us in this noble month, and allow us to fast it with certainty and conviction. 

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