Be Generous In Ramadan

April 7, 2023

Rasulullah ﷺ was always very generous. In Ramadan, he was more generous in his giving than the wind sent with gentle rain to give life. In the spirit of giving, it is good to fulfill my obligation of zakat in Ramadan

I should spend in the way of Allah ﷻ lovingly, not begrudgingly. While people pay a much higher percentage of their income for taxes, zakat is only 2.5% of what has remained in excess with me for one year.  Let me not be a miser and withhold what is Allah’s right.

I must remember to pay my zakat and be generous — be kind to the orphans, the poor, and the needy. To be gentle and caring under all circumstances. This din is about akhlaq. My acts of worship should help me reform my akhlaq in my relationship with all of Allah’s creation.

May Allah ﷻ protect us from our greed and purify our hearts. Make Allah ﷻ allow us to truly worship Him and transform our akhlaq in this month and always. 

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