Letters Unopened

November 11, 2022

Jumu‘a Mubaraka!

Allah introduces Himself to me by sending me personal, secret messages. 

Whatever I experience in life is a message that conveys His Names and Attributes, His Beauty and Majesty.

The messages are always present.  But am I deciphering His calligraphy? 

How many messages did I miss today?  Yesterday?  Throughout my life?

And if I did open His letters, how much was lost in my hasty perusal?

To read, understand and experience demands energy and focus. 

Jumu‘a is His gift – His reading tutorial – to me every week: To facilitate the illumination and jam‘ (gatheredness) of my heart.   To read, understand and experience His letters of the week past; the letters of the week ahead; and every letter, yet to come, in the remaining days of my life. 

May the spiritual rays of Jumu‘a illuminate our inner eyes to read, know and experience. Amin

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