A Single Word can Brighten the Face

December 9, 2022

A Friday Reflection shared from our Suhba Online Program with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui.

Jumu‘a Mubaraka!

A poem by Yunus Emre (translated from Turkish)

A single word can brighten the face of one who knows the value of words.

Ripened in silence, a single word acquires a great energy for work.

War is cut short by a word, and a word heals the wounds, and there’s a word that changes poison into butter and honey

Let a word mature inside yourself.

Withhold the unripened thought.

Come and understand the kind of word that reduces money and riches to dust.

Know when to speak a word and when not to speak at all.

A single word turns the universe of hell into eight paradises.

Follow the Way. Don’t be fooled by what you already know. Be watchful.

Reflect before you speak.

A foolish mouth can brand your soul.

Yunus, say one last thing about the power of words – Only the word “I” divides me from God. 

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