Separate From You

December 6, 2022

A scholar-saint once stated:

بينك وبين ربك أنت، فارق إياك وقد رأيته. قيل: كيف أفارق إياي؟ قلت له: فارق نفسك بالمخالفة والمجاهدة والتطاوش عن إجابتها. لا تجبها إلى شهواتها ولذاتها ورعوناتها فحينئذ تذل وتنحني عن وجه قلبك. تصير قطعة لحم ملقاة بلا حركة فتدب فيها روح الطمأنينة

“Between you and your Lord is only you. Separate from you, and you would witness Him. It was asked: How do I separate from me? I said to him: Separate from your nafs by opposing it (mukhalafa), resisting it (mujahada), and being deaf to its demands. Do not assent to its base desires, pleasures and its fickleness. For then, it will become submissive and retreat from the face of your heart. It will become a piece of flesh, cast aside, motionless, the spirit of serenity and quiescence flowing through it.” 

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