On The Beloved of Allah ﷺ

November 9, 2022

From the spiritual poetry of Shaykh Yusuf al-Nabhani (qaddasAllaho sirraho):

على رأس هذا الكون نعل محمد

 علت فجميع الخلق تحت ظلاله

لدى الطور موسى نودي اخلع وأحمد

 على القرب لم يؤمر بخلع نعاله

مثال حكى نعلاً لأشرف مرسل

 تمنت مقام الترب منه الفراقد

ضرائرها السبع السموات كلها

 غيارى وتيجان الملوك حواسد

مثال لنعل المصطفى ما له مثل

 لروحي به راح لعيني به كحل

فأكرم به تمثال نعل كريمة

 لها كل رأس ود لو أنه رجل

ولما رأيت الدهر قد حارب الورى

 جعلت لنفسي نعل سيده حصناً

تحصنت منه في بديع مثالها

 بسور منيع نلت في ظله الأمنا

إني خدمت مثال نعل المصطفى

 لأعيش في الدارين تحت ظلالها

سعد ابن مسعود بخدمة نعله

 وأنا السعيد بخدمتي لمثالها

Upon the head of the universe is the sandal of Muhammad       

It has ascended and all creation falls under its shadow

At the mount of Tur, Musa was addressed, “Remove your sandal!” while Ahmad

In Divine nearness during his ascension, was not commanded to remove his sandals

Its image narrates the story of the sandal of the noblest of Messengers ﷺ

The luminescent stars long to be the dust under it

Their fellow wives — the seven heavens in their entirety —

are envious; and the crowns of sovereigns are jealous

The image of the sandal of the Chosen One ﷺ has no equal

For my soul, it is solace; for my eye, antimony

How noble it is — this image of the blessed sandal!

For it, every head truly wishes to be a foot

When I observed that the trials of time wage war upon creation

I took for myself the Master of creation’s sandal as a citadel

I sought refuge and shelter in its wondrous image

And within its unassailable enclosure, I attained safety in its shade

I have served the image of the sandal of the Chosen One ﷺ

That I live in both worlds beneath its shade

ibn Mas‘ud found felicity in service of his sandal

And I find felicity in my service of its image

~ Translated by A. S. Muatha

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