War and Peace

September 8, 2022

As we explore the areas of the  coastal areas of northern Turkiye, our eyes stretch across the vast peaceful expanse of the Black sea, exceptionally calm, and yet we know that beyond that apparent image of peace, there wages war and destruction. 

What is the value of peace, security, aman? What would the Ukranians give for peace and security from fear?

I realize how ungrateful I am in taking peace and security for granted,  and that I do not do enough hamd and shukr even though I am from the ummah of hamd, the ummah of Ahmad, sallallahu ‘alaihi wasallam. 

What would I give for inner peace? How much hamd and shukr is due from me for providing me with the mentorship of Shaykhuna Mokhtar, in whose presence and by whose demeanor and character I am lead to inner peace. His spiritual mentorship is truly priceless. 

May Allah continue to make me worthy of it. 

As we entered what appeared to be an “ordinary” mountain cave, we discovered a treasure chest 140 million years old, formed by drops, falling one drop at a time over millions of years. It teaches me the cumulate effects of small actions, good or bad, that produces an internal image, my akhlaq, with which I will be presented before Him, ‘azza wa jall, on a day when what is in the chests will be laid bare.

~ Mohammad Ali Hazratji

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