Mirror Mirror

December 7, 2022

In one of the residences that we stayed in during our travels, my bathroom did not have a mirror. 

At first, I did not give it much thought.  Then, its lack became a mild inconvenience.  Then, a discomfort, because I couldn’t see my image — to know what was out of place, what needed to be changed. Finally, I accepted its absence. I accepted myself for who I was.

Without the mirrors of our spiritual teachers and our companions on the path, it is difficult to see ourselves, to recognize ourselves truly, and to begin a process of transformation to greater spiritual comeliness and beauty.

It’s a three part process as the Prophetic supplication so beautifully, even perfectly, articulates: O Allah, show me the truth, help me to recognize it, and grant me the strength to follow it….

Without the grace of seeing my spiritual reflection, I will only see an image projected in the chambers of my lower self by my own vanity. And my vanity mirror on my inner wall will tell me that I’m the fairest of them all.

May Allah always keep us connected in positive suhba. Amin.

~ Shaykh Riad Saloojee

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