Your Journey’s End

August 6, 2022

There is a place

A wondrous space

Your journey’s end

To meet the Friend

If you should ask:

“How hard the task?”

Not hard, they say

But don’t delay

If you should say,

“Please show the way”

Or, “Where O where –

Do take me there!” 

It’s not for me

You must agree

To find your heart

Or play your part

It’s up to you

To journey true

Look in, not out

Be firm, don’t doubt

A step, arrive

Your heart revive

The Friend’s in wait

Walk through His gate

Your heart He owns

Give up your throne

Don’t be a fool

It’s His to rule

De-throne your self

And claim yourself

And then you’ll see

What’s meant to be

Within His care

Who else is there?

Within His care

What else is there?

What else is there

Within his care?

To Him converse

In prose and verse

You’re here but not

So ends your plot

Your journey’s end

You’ve found the Friend

Written By: A. S. Muatha

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