When Was He so Distant

July 6, 2022

When was He so distant?

Perceived as non-existent?

When was He never there?

To hold you in His care?

To catch you when you fall?

To speed you when you stall?

To map your road ahead?

To speak your words unsaid?

To fill your night with light?

To let your wings take flight?

To rain upon you grace?

To turn to you His face?

To save you from your-self?

And give you of His-self?

When did His giving halt?

Were you, or Him, at fault?

Who cut the ties that bind?

If so, what could you find?

What is, besides His love?

Below, East, West, above? 

So close – you cannot see;

So real – what else can be?

Your foolish self do shun.

To Him – by Him – do run.

Your palms to Him let rise.

In Him, be born – Arise!

Written By: A. S. Muatha

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