Swimming in the Open Sea

October 7, 2022

A group of students of sacred Islamic knowledge who studied an intensive course in Tazkiya al-Nafs, Usul al-Fiqh and Maqasid took a boat ride on the Mediterranean.

They resolved to make their trip a spiritual and bonding experience.  They consulted with one another about swimming:

One said: I dislike cold water but I will break my nafs. 

One stated: Let’s make dhikr together in the sea. 

One exclaimed: The neighbouring mountains will delight in my remembrance as the hadith promises.

One voiced: I will find serenity in the sea.

One argued: I don’t want to go against the wishes of my blessed brothers.  This is a trip of fellowship after all. 

One opined: The sea is the metaphor for the malakut. I will swim in it.

One mentioned: I don’t want to, but I will join you in case you need help.

One expressed: I wish to dive just like my Shaykh used to do.

One presented:  We will swim together and build the bonds of brotherhood. 

One cautioned: Don’t miss out on this spiritual experience!

They all felt: The life vest is an encumbrance to one’s self.

Each entered the sea. 

None of them were good swimmers.  And there was no lifeguard around.

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