Shukran, Ya Rabbī

November 1, 2022

If I were to count Allah’s blessings on me, let alone on all creation, I would be incapable and incapacitated.  Let us listen to this touching qasida on Allah’s gifts — and greatest gifts — and repeat with our tongues and, most importantly, our heart:  Thank you, my dearest Lord, thank you.

Rendered by: Yusuf Marulanda and Ibraheem Saeed

Shukran, Ya Rabbī, Shukran

شُكْراً يا رَبِّي شُكْراً

هَــدَيْتَ قــَلْبِي شُـكْراً

نَـــوَّرْتَ دَرْبي شُــكْــراً

شُــــــــكْـــــــــــراً يـــــــــــا رَبّ

Shukran, my Lord, shukran

You guided my heart, shukran

You illuminated my path, shukran

Shukran, O Lord

يــا مُــنْـــزِلَ الــقُـــرْآن

يا خَالِقَ الإنْسَان

يــــا رَبِّي يــــا رَحْمٰــن

شُــــــــكْــــــراً يــــــا رَبّ

O You who revealed the Qur’ān

O You who created man

O my Lord, the Entirely-Loving

Shukran, O Lord

أنا بِصَلاتي أسْلَم

وبَالــسَّعــادَةِ أنْـــعَـم

أفْخَرْ بأنِّي مُسْلِم

شُــــــــكْــــــراً يــــــا رَبّ

I have shelter and security in my ṣalāh

And I am delighting in happiness

I am proud that I am a Muslim

Shukran, O Lord

يا خَالِقَ الأكْوَان

يــا رَبِّي يـــــا رَحْمٰــــن

أكْرِمْنِي بِالْغُـــفْــرَان

شُــــــــكْــــــراً يــــــا رَبّ

O You who created all existence

O my Lord, the Entirely-Loving

Honour me with Your forgiveness

Shukran, O Lord

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