Ramadan Grace

March 29, 2024

House in snow-covered landscape

This was from the end of February. I was thinking about the beauty and uniqueness of each snowflake… 

And yet when the spring comes, we see the mud and dirt and what the dogs and other animals have been doing all winter long… May Allah give us a spring without embarrassment.

The beauty of snow and the pristine environment that it generates reminds me that the world around us points to His beauty.   Allah is Beautiful and He loves beauty.

In these last day of the days of forgiveness, just imagine what is the spiritual manifestation of the cover of Al-Sitteer, and the forgiveness of Al-Ghaffar!  One can only be in humble-awe of the spiritual beauty of what it must look like as it descends and covers those seeking it.

Allahumma innaka Afuwwun [Karimun] tuhibbul `afwa fa`fu `annaa

O Allah, indeed You are Pardoning, [Generous], You love to pardon, so pardon us.

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