Audio Resources – Daily Remembrances

February 26, 2023

The following are audio resources that accompany the litany (wird) compiled by Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui that can be downloaded above.  The audio recordings of the various supplications are meant to help seekers memorize and practice upon the litanies regularly:

Adhkar of the morning and evening

This audio is a recitation of the evening adhkar.  Approrpriate word substitutions would be needed if reciting the adkhar of the morning:

Salat al-Fatih

This salawat is recited ten times in both the morning and evening adhkar:

Salat al-Nariya

This salawat is recited after every fajr and maghreb salah eleven times: 

Salat al-Munjiya

This salawat is recited at the close of both the morning and evening adhkar:

May Allah help us summon the sincerity, resolve and perseverance to make this litany (wird) our life-long companion. Our scholar-saints teach that the gift of constancy in Divine remembrance is the royal edict of a relationship of intimate- friendship (wilaya) with Allah. May we be of them, by His solicitous grace. Amīn.

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