Inner Dimensions of Fasting

March 8, 2023

With a unique reward incomparable to other acts of worship, fasting is an action that goes beyond controlling the physical appetites. A shield for the heart, it is an effective means of seeking nearness to Allah and purifying the soul, provided we are aware of the spiritual realities that must be present in our external fast.  

Get ready for Ramadan with Shaykh Mokhtar Maghraoui as he explores the inner dimensions of fasting and learn how to attain the highest levels of fasting and the greatest benefit.

This six-part audio course is designed to provide a thorough exploration of the spiritual dimensions to this most precious act of worship. 

Session Summaries

Session 1: Understanding the Spirit of Fasting

  • Spiritual Life in Our Activities
  • Linguistic Analysis of Ramadan and Saum
  • The Command to Fast in Surah Baqarah
  • Acting For the Sake of Allah
  • Celebrating the Heart, not the Nafs


Session 2: The Virtues of Ramadan and Self-Purification

  • Ramadan the Guest
  • Nearness to Allah and the Night of Power
  • The Meaning of the Chaining of the Devils
  • Insight into the State of our Soul
  • The Opening of the Gates of Paradise
  • Testimony of Fasting
  • Fasting is For Me
  • Removing Harshness
  • Causes of Hardening of the Heart


Session 3: Intelligence and Moderation in Eating

  • Condition of the Modern World
  • Aql Vs. Intelligence
  • Eating to Satiation
  • Moderation in Eating
  • The Eating Habits of the Earlier Generations
  • Wiswaas and Eating
  • Gardens of Hunger


Session 4: Merits of Devotional Abstinence

  • Devotional Abstinence
  • Are We Interested in Wilayah?
  • Silence and Keeping Away From Sins
  • Answering of Our Supplications
  • Discovering the Greatest Name of Allah
  • Excesses in Eating
  • How Much Should We Eat?


Session 5: Reaching the Higher Levels of Fasting

  • Fasting of the Senses and Limbs
  • Essence of Fasting
  • Be Ihsaan Oriented
  • To Give Instead of To Require
  • Fasting of the Heart
  • The Sunnah of the Quloob


Session 6: Connecting to the External Dimensions of the Fast

  • The Obligation of Fasting
  • The Intention
  • The Conditions for Obligation of Fasting
  • Concessions Not to Fast
  • The Wisdom of Concessions
  • Fidya
  • The Merits of Suhoor
  • On Hastening Iftaar
  • Increasing Supplication and Generosity
  • A Diet of Qur’an
  • Being the Generous Host and a Good Guest During Ramadan
  • The Reward for Those Who Cannot Fast
  • Fasting in Shawwal
  • On Visitors to the Masjid During Ramadan

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