On Repentance

December 20, 2022

In the first half of the recording, Shaykh Mokhtar discusses tawba. It is a necessary precursor to truthfulness and gratitude because without it, we cannot be sincere. Allah ﷻ sees all of our actions and thoughts, and this is meant to instil in us a sense of shyness around Him. Everything around us will testify for us or against us on the day of judgement, and this should move us to tawba: a sincere burst of pain and regret that pushes us to reorient our hearts, minds, and senses towards Allah ﷻ and what He loves.

The second half of this lecture focuses on dua. We are ordered to ask Allah for things, and sincere dua can be more valuable than other forms of worship that are higher in quantity but lesser in quality. Allah promises the answer to our duas or something better, and sometimes we find ourselves questioning where the answer to our prayers is. But Allah protects us from so much calamity and injury and disease without us asking that it is unbecoming of us to ever think that we are being deprived. Eventually, we all hope to get to the stage of the righteous where we do not ask for worldly things–we only ask for closeness to Allah and His pleasure with us. 

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