Last Moments in the Life of Rasulullah ﷺ

December 17, 2022

In this recording, Shaykh Mokhtar delivers a reminder about the final days in the life of Rasulullah . They are filled with bittersweet sadness due to the pain of the ummah at his passing, but they are replete with valuable lessons for us all. Even in his final moments while experiencing pain that would have crippled an ordinary mortal, his concern was for his ummah and that his Lord would be pleased with him .

On his final time on the minbar, he delivered a series of reminders, including a warning to not take his grave as a place of worship. In the following days, he advised us not to meet Allah except that we have a good opinion of Him. Among his final words were “As-salah! As-salah!” and his last vision of his ummah and legacy was of them in prayer.

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